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Out & About!
     Places to Go, Things to Do in New Mexico

Here are a few ideas for activities that will make your  memories a bit more unique and special, whether you're visiting from afar or living here year-round.

Summer has drawn to a close and winter is not far away.  Albuquerque's Elena Gallegos Open Area  is a marvelous place to enjoy a hike in the Sandia Mountain foothills and "take in" the  autumn scenery.  Check it out while it lasts!

Mike's Picks
     Don't let your experience of Albuquerque and New Mexico focus solely on the big tourist  traps!  Here are a few ideas for finding something different:

Artistic & Architectural Delights

  • Chevy-on-a-Stick
  • Bart Prince Homes

Outdoors Adventures

  • La Luz Trail
  • Sandia Peak / Sandia Tram

Culture & History

  • Petroglyph National Monument
  • Old Town


  • Owl Cafe
  • Saggio's

Further Afield

  • Jemez Mountains
  • El Malpais
  • Acoma

Top:  Bird sanctuary blind in the Elena Gallegos Open Area, Albuquerque.
Left:  You can figure this one out!!

Back when my work demanded more travel, I often struck up conversations on my return trip with tourists flying into Albuquerque for the first time.  Invariably,  they'd ask what I thought they ought to see while in town, so I'd quickly make a list of my favorite places and activities, draw them a few maps, suggest a few eating establishments, and wish them an enjoyable  visit. 

Although I've lived in Albuquerque for 11 years and have hosted dozens of visitors, I'm still excited to share this list of favorites.  I've named it  "Out & About," the title of a sightseeing feature I used to produce for my television program, The Channel 99 Review.  I hope you'll find something here to pique your interest.

Have a favorite you'd like to share?   Tell us about it!