Crossroads of Culture
Bienvenidos a Nuevo Mexico Welcome to New Mexico

Welcome to our unique melting pot of ancient heritage and modern newcomers. New  Mexico, our nation's fifth largest state, offers an extraordinary blend of nature, history, and beauty. All you need to enjoy a spectacular adventure in the great Southwest is an open  mind for our diverse cultures, a keen interest in history, and a willingness to explore.

More than 15,000 years ago, nomadic early Americans were making their homes in New Mexico after migrating across the Bering land bridge. Clovis man, Folsom man, and Sandia man  hunted prehistoric animals on our plains and in our mountains, leaving few traces of their civilizations beyond their fragmentary stone tools and scattered campsites.

Top left: Mysterious symbols from the past at Petroglyph National Monument

Left: The view southward toward Socorro from Sandia Peak

Following in the footsteps of these earliest Americans, another ancient culture set down roots in the seemingly inhospitable Southwestern desert.

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